About me

I am a mom, grandmom, wife, daughter, sister, caregiver, child of the '60s, wannabe artist, poet, used-to-be gardner/hiker, love-to-be cook, adventure seeker...who is finding my way as a newcomer with a new life style in the great Northwest.

My extended family is all over the map...from Seattle and Portland in the west to Connecticut and Philly in the east, from Michigan in the north to Oklahoma and Houston in the south. I've lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Colorado, Germany and Thailand, and traveled even farther.

My education has been in psychology and education and my jobs have been as a social worker, a teacher/instructor, a program coordinator, and a counselor.

My loves are nature, bird watching, rocks, beach combing and hiking, music, movie going, reading, language learning, and adventure (travel to wild and wonderful places), spicy food, and, of course....bitter sweet chocolate.
To learn more about the ups and downs my daily living, go to my personal blog pages by clicking the My Life button.  And what is there?  Here's the short list:

     The art studio - my escape
     My husband - the love of my life
     OA (osteoarthritis) - my challenge
     Gardening - my meditation
     Buddhism - my sanity
     House sharing - my other challenge
     So many grandkids! - the other loves of my life and challenge #3
     Being a Splash Gal - my social entree'    
     Water exercise - my painkiller (or one of them)
     Learning more than I ever wanted to know about CIDP (chronic
            inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) - my way of coping
     Thailand & Burmese refugees - my passion and my longing
     Languages - my fun
     Music - my release

There are more...I'm sure i will think of them eventually, but really...isn't that enough for now?

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Carol, This is an amazing site you have. I wished I lived near you and could come to your celebration! Continue to do good work!
Elizabeth Vickerman