Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party!!

What a great time we all had at this year's Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party!
There must have been 50 or more people and enough pumpkins and food for all.  We were especially happy to have Nga Reh and his family, transportation courtesy of Simon Khin! 

Nga Reh and his mother have been in the U.S. for about a year.  His sister arrived with her four daughters only six months ago.  Ngh Reh is our Karenni language teacher and happens to be a student of one of our former students in Thailand, Hser Coo.  Talk about what goes around, comes around!  Simon asked us to help teach English to the older generation of refugees who now get together once a month for field trips.
November trip: a ferry ride and lunch on one of the islands!

Other guests included a ton of new and not so new friends and neighbors from the Seattle-Bellevue-Edmonds-Lynnwood area, former medical student friends, and current medical colleagues.  There must have been as many young kids as adults and at least 8 babies who were 6 months or younger...lots of future carvers for future parties.  Michael, Dominique & kids (family) were able to join us from Portland.  Yea!

This front window greeted people arriving at the party!

The kids got Poison Punch (rated G) hidden under the fog of dry ice. 
(The adult punch was less accessible and rated XXX, 
courtesy of a recipe from our favorite Thai bartender,
Nathan who came dressed as himself and who brought along his wonderful family.)

Behind it the kids punch, Scary Sea Squid Dogs are stuck on skewers into a giant cabbage head.
(1/2 hotdogs poked with spaghetti, boiled, and served with catsup)

 Of course, we had the obligatory fruit and veggie trays but along with them were:

Witch Charmed Chili, 
Brittle Bones with Mystery Meat (BBQ drumsticks),
Spooky Ghost Pockets (yummy potato & pea samosas),  
Burmese Boo Balls (potatoes in Burmese curry) &
Juicy Jack-o-Lantern (Burmese pumpkin curry)

Our three party helpers were gymnasts from the local club. 
They did a wonderful job keeping the little kids engaged in crafts, games, and badmitton (outside) and passing out prizes to all the winners.  (Everyone was a winner!)

Raggedy Ann and Andy (aka Travis and Ryan) were the true hosts of the party!

I almost wore my "I just had a hip replacement 10 days ago recovery costume" but opted, instead to attend as a red headed skeleton with weird, fun socks
...a birthday gift from my grandkids: Mason, Kaylin, and Lainey!  
Notice my right leg is still a bit swollen from the surgery...

...but I was still able to get around without a walker!  Hooray!
That's Travis (back) dressed as Raggedy Ann and me in my skeleton outfit!

Our front door greeter!

Oooooo!  Scary black lights!

Norb was the Mad Hatter and our official photographer!

What's Halloween without an altar for Dias de los Muertos! 
My fun craft creation found its place on top of the bookcase

Oh yes!  And we had chips with spinach-artichoke dip, hummus, cheese balls,
5 different torts and cakes, plus vegan pumpkin muffins!

Scary cats above the mantle watched over the festivities.

 Nga Reh's neices wanted to know why everyone was cutting faces on the pumpkins.
Simon explained the holiday custom to Nga Reh in Burmese. Nga Reh explained it to the girls in Karenni.
Did they understand?  Who knows?  But clearly everyone enjoyed doing it.

BTW, why do we cut faces into pumpkins?

Grown-ups helped the little carvers use small knives to cut and clean their pumpkins.

Of course, the guys had to pull out the big weapons.

Dominique and Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness, and Young Girls
 (aka Sophia) tooks a moment to share a smile.

 There are "doers" and there are "watchers".  At this party, Simon was a watcher.
In the throws of pumpkin madness!

Nga Reh and family:  Is this how it works??

And at the end of it all, these were the great creations...

and the artists who created them!
Time to get ready for next year!

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Angela said...

wow! looks like such a fun time! I wish we lived closer so we could come too~ thanks for sharing your story and pics...i always enjoy them~!

Happy Halloween to you all!